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sense of mission in working 

i have sense of mission in working that is,,, solving the social issue. its a sense i want to have deeply in my mind. in my university life, in a MUN life, i was interesting in like that. but i could not decide which organization i should work. i wrote about relation among NGO, company and govemment, and i said company have a big power for solver the social issue in that three actor. because company must get money.

so, i wanted to join a campany with a sence between campany and NGO. in this sence, i could find good campany for me. but, i am not sure about that. i mean, still not working.

in my simple thinking, only a campany can try to problem in concrete with big power. some people say that problem is just besiness chance. in car industory. participate in global environment is a key point for servive. in the same way, my campany can try to solve some issue that is agriculture, care bisiness with campany way.

my goal is creating new bisiness that can solve issue i feel. its not concret idea. i know real is different from my imagination. i can do this or i never forget it.

do i like working ? yes and no!

everyday, i listen to my heart or, remind myself that "i love working, working is my happiness" coz, i have two バイト that are 塾講師 and ガソリンスタンド!! i spend more than 13 hours a day at a work. and,drinking every day. i have no time to sleep. its just practice and priparation for harsh working that will start from this April. i work with getting idea about my future.

buying cars, changing cars, TV and something.....

i realized, through my univercity life, that i like to work. ofcource, i was tired. i hate it. but, i like it. i know i am not capable man. maybe i can not do something i want to do in this 2 years. i like working such as my job from this April. but, i hate the idea that i will do a same job 20 years later. i want to change kind of work in same campany. i have a wish to do working have an impact. i mean, its not a man in average. i can do something i want to do. something is finding by working. something should be found by working.


my job huntting

my job huntting is just continue... uncompromise points are メーカー and international. i could have wished that i join a business for a solar system like a solar water heater, solar thermal power generation.

if everyone, house and car, have solar system, solar can change the social system. its takes 20 years for putting to practical use. its not ideal things. (just my dream??)

now, solar system is inefficient than oher energy, but, sharp and Honada try to develop new technology for solar system...

in the European country, especialy Germany. people buy a solar system by japanese メーカー。undersupply....

ok in this case, i shuld hurry on getting 内定.

Your Welcome

3days ago, when my teacher say "thank you Koan", then i said "your welcome"...

he was little confused and he said "most native english speaker never say your welcom, so,in this case, you should say no problem or somethig"

"something??" tell me!!

probably, "your welcome" mean serious or ceremonious word...

a lot of japanese use this word !!! i did not understand subtle difference between these words.

he left after only teaching me that point, i wonted he tell me more "something" words. he did not have a time...

how can i say?? "something"


i read book 「人を動かす人になれ」, i can not translate this japanese into english, be a person who can move person?? right??

NGAMORIsan, one of the famous japanese manegement and president of NIHON DENSAN, write it. the reason why i read it is i want to work at NIHON DENSAN, so i try to understand some idea of president.

NIHON DENSAN is a famous, unique and characteristic campany, only i think, in japan. i mean, Hard rking and there are so many people leave this campany. some people sayHard Working is anachronism. i donot agree with this.

I need hard working from my low abililty, or rather than i love it.
of cource i have no experenced working in a company, only i have experience as a univercty sutudent.

NAGAMORIsan is a disputant of grouth, how can i say 成長論者?? Next his target is 1000000000000yen as a sales by 2010.

 i felthis priority is money...?? to be exact, my image is wrong.
he emphasize importance of worth which have many aspect. maybe its different idea from ホリエモン.

tired.... finish it.....


i realiz that i have dificulty to write this blog in english...without dictionary. because looking up dictionary is usual way to write something. oh my few vocabulary. i feel its a poor writting when i try it.

thats wont do!!!

too late to do??

please tell me my mistake....and better expression. its my purpose


 NOVAに通い始めて約4ヶ月 最近 NOVAが楽しくなりました。というか、英会話楽しい。この楽しさに1年前くらいに気がつきたかった。


 たとえば、whats new?? と聞かれて everything ととりあえず勢いで答える的なことがテーマです。 ちなみにeverythingなのは関東LIFEを始めて1週間だから。 





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