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  i am satisfied with the result of the test of my student. each socre of my studets is better than last one. that was result of i made students stay late every night. and, its not much effort of my students, its not much effort of me as simply happy...

i will leave this beppu, i will not be able to teach my student from next spring. now, i miss that thing. i want to continue to teach, if its a possible. i reglet that i can not see what happens to my students in next year. in a sense, i regret i was teaching.

today, i felt kind of those in my working time at 塾!

塾講師 is a one of the best job which have worth for working.

 however, we have 2 dilemma that how can i motivate student to study hard. first one is we always say "study hard""this situation is not good for you". every student say "why do we study??" second, in my idea, its a individual responsivility to study hard or not.

study is fun, getting high score is happy,,,,

possibility is one of answer to this dillemma. its not good for you to lost possibility when you are child. we can also say capability. but, i can not tell my student cleary. they can not understand this, coz, this is a understanding as a man, not a child. this is based on thinking of kind of "if i study hard...."

and, they can not understand like "this is a society that why!!"

i wrote some kind of things, finally i know things we have to do.

get back to basic





 WATAMI decided my working department. its different from my hope one. too BAD!! and WATAMI does not decide my working place yet. but, may be KANSAI area.

i can not live in toyko, how come !!

a week ago, WATAMI called me and i met manager of human resource. he wanted to talk with me about which department is better for me. it was just only 2 days before WATAMI tell us our department. he said he has not decided my working place. i told him my dream and what i want to do. we were talking 2 hours. but my mistake is that i said "I can enjoy working, even if my hope does not come true. coz, i think only i, myself, can get challenge wherever i work. its depend on me to have challenge and enjoy or not"

i guess his message is i have to gain an management ability in 2 or 3 years. then, i should do what i want to do.

but, its too delicate things. i have to reconcider my plan....

after i finish that depertment, what i have to do...

HOW COME!! ok, working tell me that with more detail that i imagine now.


one conclusion

doing extra school teacher gave me one idea. its an idea that man`s ability to study is mainly built by child education that parents do. but its not about forcing study or telling child to do a homework.

we should read many books for our child or having good communication with our child. another important thing is education such as child have interesting in something.

i know i was a child who do not study. in a same way, there are some student who do not study (its not "can!!") however, even they are doing same study, they have difference. there are student who can get high score and cannot get. what is this difference. i can not conclude ability with born.

i can not find the reason why there are difference among them,,, in spite of they are doing same way. in my true heart, i do not want to say cause is ability.

i just decide i read many books for my children !! i want to have good comunication with my children............

sense of mission in working 

i have sense of mission in working that is,,, solving the social issue. its a sense i want to have deeply in my mind. in my university life, in a MUN life, i was interesting in like that. but i could not decide which organization i should work. i wrote about relation among NGO, company and govemment, and i said company have a big power for solver the social issue in that three actor. because company must get money.

so, i wanted to join a campany with a sence between campany and NGO. in this sence, i could find good campany for me. but, i am not sure about that. i mean, still not working.

in my simple thinking, only a campany can try to problem in concrete with big power. some people say that problem is just besiness chance. in car industory. participate in global environment is a key point for servive. in the same way, my campany can try to solve some issue that is agriculture, care bisiness with campany way.

my goal is creating new bisiness that can solve issue i feel. its not concret idea. i know real is different from my imagination. i can do this or i never forget it.

do i like working ? yes and no!

everyday, i listen to my heart or, remind myself that "i love working, working is my happiness" coz, i have two バイト that are 塾講師 and ガソリンスタンド!! i spend more than 13 hours a day at a work. and,drinking every day. i have no time to sleep. its just practice and priparation for harsh working that will start from this April. i work with getting idea about my future.

buying cars, changing cars, TV and something.....

i realized, through my univercity life, that i like to work. ofcource, i was tired. i hate it. but, i like it. i know i am not capable man. maybe i can not do something i want to do in this 2 years. i like working such as my job from this April. but, i hate the idea that i will do a same job 20 years later. i want to change kind of work in same campany. i have a wish to do working have an impact. i mean, its not a man in average. i can do something i want to do. something is finding by working. something should be found by working.




 もちろん 卒業式3月16日が過ぎるまでバイトをしまくってやる。。。

 金 金金 金金 金 金 金金 金 金 金 金 金金 金 金 金金 金金 金 金 金金 金 金 金 金 金

 ん〜 夜9時以降から5時間くらい入れて、週3くらいのシフトで、、、、さらに一ヶ月限定の新しい3つ目のバイト見つからないかな。。。

 金だ〜〜〜 金金 金 金 金金 金金 金 金 金金 金 金 金 金 金金 金 金 金金 金金 金 金 金金 金 金 金 金 金



 最近 塾でバイトしている。。。 もっと早く紹介してもらえていればとふと思う。それほどまでに塾講師はやりがいがある。。。


 でもメインは英語と数学。。。 is とareの違いについて明確に答えれない今日このごろ。。。。誰も答えれるかっ









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